About QXMC

Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation is a community-based corporation that was created by Klahoose First Nation to advance our own economic development interests and investments. It was created to develop and maintain relationships with our partners.

Our Mission

The mission of QXMC is to develop independence for the Klahoose First Nation through economic opportunities. As a key contributor to the coastal economy, QXMC will identify and invest in opportunities across a broad range of business sectors. The principles that will guide our investment decisions are generation of profits, management of resources, creation of employment, development of capacity and sustainability.

Board of Directors

The management corporation, QXMC, has a Board of Directors (BoD) consisting of five members and a multitude of outside sources for technical and financial support in our operations. The board members all come from various backgrounds and contribute to operations within their areas of expertise. Assembling Boards with different backgrounds of expertise is a common practice across the world because the higher level of variation the more probable chance it is to make positive decisions. It is within the QXMC mandate to be successful for the Klahoose First Nation and to operate within arm’s reach.

Limited Partnerships

In order to move with the quick pace of business, QXMC has developed a series of Limited Partnerships (LPs) to assist with its operations. All of which is managed by the QXMC Board of Directors (BoD).


Why did Klahoose create a Management Corporation? What is Corporate Management? What is a Limited Partnership?