David C Cyr

Board of Director

David Cyr is a Principal in BBA Public Policy Consulting.  He brings over 16 years of extensive knowledge, experience, and professional networks that he has cultivated from years of working in and around British Columbia’s Provincial Legislature. He has a proven ability to advance objectives and cultivate strong relationships with key stakeholders.

Before joining BBA, David worked as the Director of First Nations Partnerships and Government Relations at a renewable energy company based in Vancouver, B.C.  During his six years there, David was able to utilize strong interpersonal skills, innate business acumen, honesty, and integrity to forge mutually beneficial relationships and agreements.  David is adept at analyzing risk, recognizing strategic opportunities, and delivering robust advice to senior executives.  Before working in the renewable energy sector, David worked in Victoria, B.C., as a Ministerial Assistant to a number of Ministers in the Provincial Government.  These included working for The Minister of Transportation, The Minister of Labour and Citizen Services, The Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, and The Government House Leader. During his time at the BC Legislature, David was responsible for offering strategic advice to government and was responsible for all aspects of cohesively managing the Ministers’ offices. David has gained a unique understanding of government operations and processes during his time at the B.C. legislature.  David has also been a small business owner and operated a business on Vancouver Island for a number of years.  He has been involved in the local Chamber of Commerce and various other community organizations.

Dave Cyr