Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation is the Klahoose First Nation’s (KFN) Economic Development Corporation tasked with growing Klahoose’s role in business, management, and the economy of the Klahoose traditional territory.

Operating at arm’s length from the Band Government, the Board pursues initiatives that will benefit Klahoose today, and for the future.  Even in the face of these tough economic times the Board are always finding new opportunities for business and QXMC is growing. QXMC works with the Klahoose governance to reinvest in infrastructure, projects, and people at the community level.  It is QXMC’s main duty to create opportunities for Klahoose seeking out and participating in sound business ventures and investment opportunities.  It pursues self reliance and economic independence for the Klahoose.

Green Energy

QXMC is at the forefront of green energy initiatives with three run of the river hydro projects. In partnership with Alterra Power, QXMC has enabled the implementation, execution, and continued success of hydroelectric programs such as East Toba, Montrose, and the Jimmie Creek Project.


Through several Aquaculture projects (Shellfish Geoduck Harvest), QXMC has proven to be a leader in the advancement of First Nations Aquaculture. International markets recognize the value of clean and natural seafood and the demand for this premium product continues to grow.

Tourism & Adventure

Wildlife tours in the Toba Inlet provide a unique tourism experience, and over the past two years the bear tours have attracted outdoor enthusiast for all over the world. Klahoose Coastal Adventures will offer the chance to immerse in the Klahoose First Nation's culture and beauty.


Having successfully come through the start-up years, the forest operations in the Toba Valley have become a cornerstone for economic development. Short-term objectives drive day to day operations, while long-term sustainability goals hold opportunity for the continued prosperity of the Klahoose First Nation.

Who We Are

QXMC is made up of a Board of Directors (BoD) consisting of five members and a multitude of outside sources for technical and financial support in our operations.